Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Andrew Sullivan: Cease & Desist

It's hard to discuss Elena Kagan without bringing up Andrew Sullivan, the alpha dog at The Daily Dish and a commentator with great chops and that rarest of abilities -- to acknowledge when he is wrong about something. In fact, day in and day out Andrew is my favorite read.

But Sullivan has pretty much jumped the shark with his prolonged jeremiad about why the Supreme Court nominee won't come clean about whether she is a closeted lesbian. Kagan may well be, but where is it written that one is required to answer questions about their sexual orientation, especially in a hostile environment? And why is Sullivan, who has written ad nauseum about his own homosexuality, so hung up on whether Kagan is one?

The American Spectator is not a favorite read, but John Tabin really puts Sullivan in his place on this one.

UPDATE: Andrew seems to have finally been shamed into silence.

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