Monday, May 17, 2010

Buy This Book Or I'll Shoot My Dog

After hundreds of hours of interviews and many hundreds more of research, my labor of love has finally been published.

It's titled The Bottom of the Fox: A True Story of Love, Devotion & Cold-Blooded Murder and lays bare an awful secret -- a series of gruesome unsolved murders and puzzling deaths in the Poconos, a resort area in Pennsylvania where one of the victims, former trucker and Teamsters Union organizer Eddie Joubert, had bought a rundown tavern that became a magnet for an eclectic clientele that ranged from world-class jazz musicians to bikers to artists to returning Vietnam War veterans.

Authorities cared little about the deaths of Eddie and the other victims because they were considered to be lowlifes -- hippies, gays and drug dealers. The message to evildoers was clear: They could literally get away with murder.

If you're intrigued, click here to go to The Bottom of the Fox website where you can read the first chapter. If that gets you hooked, click here to order the book from Amazon. And hey, we're on Face Book and Twitter, too.


Nancy Willing said...

oooooooooooooh enthralling! You certainly set the pace in a great first chapter. Looking forward to reading the rest of your book!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Shaun!!! What an accomplishment. It's one thing to write a book. It's a whole other thing to finish it. I'll look at the final baby very soon.