Saturday, March 28, 2009

Of Windmills, Dollars, Prayers & Dicks

I knew that the Republicans' time in the wilderness would not be short after its hard-earned drubbing in the November elections, but the Party of Limbaugh continued to amaze this week as:

* Its congressional leaders pushed back against the Obama budget with one of their own that had more windmills than hard numbers and not a hint about what kind of deficit would result.

* A wingnut introduced a bill that would prohibit the dollar from being replaced by a foreign currency.

Another shamelessly exploited actress Natasha Richardson's death by blaming it on universal health care.

* A leading contender for the 2012 nomination complained that no one from the McCain campaign would pray with her. The campaign responds that its people talk to God all the time.

* The same contender was caught in yet another lie.

Another leading contender picked up on the Obama as socialist fascist commie meme.

* Party chairman Michael Steele revealed himself to be a true strategic genius.

* And a neocon light announced the formation of a new policy group that will recycle discredited ideas.

But you are reminded how truly clueless the GOP has become when perhaps the
sanest thought of the crazy week came from a RedState blogger who invoked memories of the Hamilton-Burr duel as he chastised his party for its small-dick ideas when real manhood was called for.


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