Monday, March 30, 2009

And Now A Word From Your Sponsor

The news that Rick Wagoner has been shown the door at General Motors would usually mean a big fat post on a huge development from a blogger who has written extensively about the Big Two and a Half's woes.

But in a rare example of self-discipline, I am forgoing that option because after putting a book project aside for three or so years to concentrate on blogging, I'm back in the chase and the finish line is coming into view.

The world needs another book about an unsolved murder like Barack Obama needs another war, but I am just vain enough to think that mine will be sufficiently different to justify the effort. In the meantime, I've been cutting back on the quantity -- as in fewer posts in general and Quotes From Around the Blogosphere in particular, as well as more recycled content -- but hopefully not the quality as I do a last round of interviews.

-- Love and Peace, SHAUN

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