Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Daze Are (Sorta) Here Again

As I was saying recently . . . oh wait, it was just yesterday . . . Barack Obama needs to be given just a wee bit more time to succeed -- or crash and burn -- with the most ambitious economic agenda since You Know When.

And as if on cue U.S. stocks rallied for the market's steepest two-week gain since Nineteen-freaking-Thirty Eight. Mind you, the market could take a big dump by the time the ink is dry on this post, but unless you're one of those folks who hopes Obama fails, we're in this for the long haul and there are some good omens.

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Umā said...


i am so frustrated by people commenting that they're already "losing hope." it's only been two months! last time i checked obama wasn't carrying a harry-potter style wand to wave over the economy. it's going to take time, but my fingers are crossed that we've seen the bottom.