Sunday, January 03, 2016

An Index To 2015 'Politix Update' Posts

(December 27) Best Of The Worst of 2016, The Year The Ref Swallowed His Whistle.  LINK.  

(December 20) All's Fair In Love, War & Politics.  Now Get Back To Campaigning. Link. 

(December 17) Congress Finally Is Shamed Into Helping 9/11 First Responders.  LINK.  

(December 16) In Which Liberals Are Blamed For Getting It Right About The Donald.  LINK.      

(December 11) The GOP Finds Itself Deeply In Crisis As It Feeds Trump's Addiction.  LINK.   

(December 9) Obama Barely Passes Post-San Bernardino Test While GOP Flunks.  LINK.     

(December 7) GOP Bequeaths San Bernardino Victims A Legacy Of Cowardice.  LINK. 

(December 4) Republicans Turn To Cruz As Savior As Concerns Turn To Panic.  LINK.

(December 2) Missing Dubya (Or When A Cracked Skull Is Better Than Paralysis) LINK.  

(November 30) A Fitting Civil Rights Legacy That's Political Dynamite.  LINK.
(November 25) May Your Thanksgiving Be Wonderful.  Yes, Even You RepublicansLINK.
(November 24) In Which Candidates Pander To The Instincts Of The Lynch Mob.  LINK. 
 (November 23) Is It Time To Get Hysterical Over Donald Trump?  Yes, It Probably Is.  LINK.

(November 20) Crisis Sure Has A Way Of Bringing Out The Worst In Republicans.  LINK.

(November 18) Syrian Child Refugee Crisis Is A Shameful Moment In Our History.  LINK.

(November 16) Sanders' Revolution Is Unrealistic, But You Gotta Love The Guy.  LINK.

(November 13) David Vitters' Very Serious Hypocrisy Very Seriously Catches Up To Him.  LINK.

(November 11) Liberal Media Bias & The Truth According To The Good DoctorLINK

(November 8) The Republican Party Is Eating Itself Alive.  Blame Sarah Palin.  LINK. 

(November 6) Poppy Bush Tells It Like It Is, But Too Many Years To Late.  LINK.

(November 4) What Is The Real Osama Bin Laden Story?  The Battle Rages On.  LINK. 

(November 2) GOP Tries To Shoot The Messenger But Hits Itself In Debate Flap. LINK.

(October 30) Why Republicans Never Learn From Their Misteaks . . . Er, Mistakes.  LINK.

(October 28) Why The Nazi-Hugging Ben Carson Is So Dangerously Malevolent.  LINK.

(October 25) A New Movie That The Brothers Bush Won't Be Rushing To See.  LINK.

(October 23) Hillary Survives Trey & Outlasts Joe.  Who's Gonna Stop Her Now?  LINK.

(October 21) No Way Jeb Was Going To Let Dubya Define Him.  Until He Did.  LINK.

(October 18) Campaigning Against Evils Of Capitalism Leaves GOP Vulnerable. LINK.

(October 16) Experience Becomes A Four-Letter Word in The GOP Vocabulary.  LINK.

(October 14) Is The Presidential Race Over Bar The Shouting?  Probably.  LINK.

(October 13) Treasonous Repubs Find Despicable New Ways To Define Chaos.  LINK.

(October 9) Democracy, Truth & Lives All Devalued In Banghazi Probe Fallout. LINK.

(October 7) Bush v. Gore & The Tarnished Legacy Of Sandra Day O'Connor.  LINK.

(October 5) When It Comes To Race, It's All About Power & Condescension.  LINK.

 (October 1) Why A Delusional GOP House Thinks It's Reached Political Nirvana.  LINK.

(September 29) Before You Know It, Fiorina's Pants Will Be Burning.  Guaranteed.  LINK.

(September 25) Let's Try To Appreciate Bernie Sanders While He Lasts.  LINK.

(September 23) The Death Of Cowboy Conservatism & Other Campaign Morsels LINK.

(September 21) They're Nutty, Delusional,  Scary & All Destined To Be Losers. LINK.

(September 18) How Donald Trump Preys On People Struggling To Get Ahead.  LINK.

(September 16) Ben Carson Dishes Out The Nutty From Behind His Invisible Shield.  LINK.

(September 13) Why Hillary Clinton's Fall From Grace Presages Her Comeback.  LINK. 

(September 10) A Tale Of Mythos, Pathos & Dysfunctional Hero Worship.  LINK.

(September 8) When Things Fell Seriously Apart & The Center Didn't Hold.  LINK.

(September 2) Why Republicans Have Become Incapable Of Governing.  LINK.

(August  30) The virulent Cancer That's Eating Away At The Body Politic.  LINK.

(Aug 27) Everybody Knows That Emperor Christie Has No Clothes. LINK.

(August 23) Scott Walker Is Against Big Government.  Unless He's For It.  LINK.
(August 21) Donald The Trump Puts Last Nail In Republican Coffin.  LINK

(August 19) I Adore You, Joe Biden, But Please Don't Run For President.  LINK.

(August 16) For Jeb!, Money Can't Buy Him Love -- Or The Presidency. LINK.
(August 12) Secret Of The Political-Media Industrial Complex Revealed.  LINK
(August 10) Foes Try To Get A Grip On Donald Trump's Greased Pole.  LINK.

(August 6) Empty Rhetoric About An American Middle Class In Crisis. LINK.

(August 2) Cruz Has GOP Hooker's Clients, What Abut Other Voters?  LINK.

(July 31) Does The New York Times Have It In For Hillary Clinton?  LINK.

(July 29) The Republican War On Woman Grinds On & On. Why?  LINK.

(July 27) Repubs Better Watch You For That Guy In A Funny Hat.  LINK.

(July 22) The Republicans Flail, Trump Sails & Jeb! Gets Caught Out.  LINK.

(July 19) What Happens When You Use Bigotry & Hate As Weapons.  LINK.

(July 16) The Bernie Sanders Effect & Return Of Opus The Penguin.  LINK.

(July 14) Please Don't Throw Us In The Briar Patch. Mr. TrumpLINK.

(July 10) Why Bernie Sanders, Like Gene McCarthy in 1968, Will Fail.  LINK.

(July 8) Why The Republican Clown Car Isn't At All Funny.  LINK.

(July 6) Why Hillary Clinton's Emails Are Much Ado About Little. LINK.

(July 1)  The Republican Party's Very Bad Case Of Future Shock.  LINK

(June 29) Fuggedabout The Here and Now, It's All About The Legacy. LINK.

(June 25)  They're Making News Without Even (Officially) Running. LINK.

(June 21) Bow Down To The Republican Doctrine Of Perpetual War. LINK.

(June 17) Why The GOP Is Screwed No Matter How The Supremes Rule.  LINK.

(June 11) The Nightmarish Scenario Of A Case of Clinton Fatigue. LINK.
(June 8) Hillary Asks, 'What Part of Democracy Are They Afraid Of?' LINK.
(June 5) We've Come A Long Way Since 9/11, Or Have We? LINK.
(June 2) Objects In Your Mirror Are Not As Close As They Appear. LINK.
(May 18) Jeb Bush Pisses On A Third Rail Of American Politics. LINK.
(May 6) GOP Field Insures That Hillary Will Keep The Inside Track. LINK.


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