Friday, January 15, 2010

The Soullessness Of Conservatism Today

It should come as no surprise that of the several hundred comments on a post by Allapundit at Hot Air regarding Pat Robertson's beyond execrable remarks that Haiti is in earthquaked ruins because slaves "swore a pact with the devil," the vast majority are pretzel-logical attempts to defend him. A paltry few commenters were outraged.

Allapundit himself, as befits a blog where Michelle Malkin is the alpha dog, refuses to push back, merely remarking that Robertson is just being his cranky old self. In fact Allapundit and fellow blogger Ed Morrissey, who also has become a reliable echo chamber for what Malkin's base expects to hear, are mere shadows of their once readable selves.

Hot Air, of course, is about as conservative as mainstream blogs get. So like I said, no surprise. But I urge you to read the comments because they are truly a window into the soullessness of conservatism -- and by extension the Republican Party -- in America today.

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