Monday, August 24, 2009

Joe Biden: No Mere Placeholder He

It was a year ago yesterday that Barack Obama picked a big senator from a little state to be his running mate. While I cheered the selection as a fellow Delawarean who had sort of grown up with Joe Biden and thought he'd be a great fit, how have things worked out?

Damned well.

Biden has not significantly curbed his proclivity for saying awkward things at inopportune times. Nobody really thought he would. But he hasn't inadvertently started any wars and has been a breath of fresh air after Darth Cheney.

In other words, he has restored a balance to the office that it has been easy to forget.

Biden has been loyal but not been afraid to tell Obama when he thinks he's wrong, has put his foreign policy chops to good use and has been a point man -- or trial-balloon floater, if you will -- on a number of issues.

A worthy start.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I love Joe Biden, and I believe not only has Biden done an outstanding job as our VP thus far, especially utilizing his brilliance in foreign policy, but I can imagine that Barack Obama is grateful he chose such a multi-talented and highly loyal statesman for vice president. No one is more loyal to Obama than Biden except for Michelle. The president needs that now. And I personally could care less about any gaffe or misspeak from Joe...I love his honest speak. Thank you for a very appropriate post on a good, honest American. I truly believe Biden has much more to give in service to this nation.

Anonymous said...

President Obama and VP Biden have become closer in the last few months. They are a good team: Yin and Yang. Partnerships take time and trust and I like these two gentlemen. Biden has always had my respect, and we're seeing him, even at 66, continue to grow, enjoy his new role, and become an huge asset to Obama and this administration. You hear it a lot: I love Joe ;-)