Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Wall Street Urinal

Insofar as Kiko's House is concerned, I try to stay away from so-called "inside baseball" stories when it comes to the news media, a subject near and dear to my ink-stained heart. I'm not so enamored of the news biz that I'm blinded to the fact that its ins and outs have to be boring to most people.

But Jack Shafer at Slate has done a first-rate job of depantsing the Neanderthals who pass for the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal and that's worth noting.

No one would consider the Journal to be a liberal rag, but its news, business and features sections come about as close to being balanced, as well as well reported and written, as any mainstream paper in the land. But Dr. Jekyll presides over at the editorial pages, which by tradition are laughably unbalanced and blatantly anti-liberal and anti-Democratic, as in the political party. (I hasten to add that does not include op-ed columnist Peggy Noonan, who is cut from far finer cloth.)

As Shafer notes, the Journal's editorial pages also are blatantly hypocritical, most recently when it comes to the Abramoff scandal.

Read Jack's piece and you'll see what I mean.

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