Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Poll: Political Vengeance

My son, Cassidy, is running an interesting poll over at his blog. Here's what he has to say:

The subject of this poll is American political vengeance. What are your picks for events that constitute the biggest acts of American political vengeance? Fell free to leave a comment with your opinion. Make sure you include a brief statement on why you think this event deserves to make my self-proclaimed prestigious list.

Some of my picks (of course, some of these would rank higher than others):

*Clinton beating impeachment and leaving office with a two-thirds approval rating.

*Clarence Thomas taking revenge on Democrats for their "high tech lynching" confirmation hearings by becoming one of the most far right justices in history.

*Trent Lott coming back, getting reelected, and taking back the Senate Majority Leader post after the Republican party abandoned him and threw him under the bus (in progress).

*Russ Feingold sticking to his guns, ignoring the party chieftans, voting against the Patriot Act, being a true liberal, getting the party nomination and becoming the president in 2008 (in progress).

I will also be accepting events of fictional political vengeance, such as:

*President Jackson Evans (Jeff Bridges) double crossing Rep. Sheldon Runyon (Gary Oldman) at the end of "The Contender."

So tell your friends. And yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry.

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