Sunday, January 29, 2006

Michael Yon: Blogger Extraordinaire

I'm anti Iraq war but pro military. That is to say that I have come to utterly and absolutely oppose that fool's mission but support the troops who are, after all, only trying to do their job.

That brings me to Michael Yon, one of the best bloggers to emerge from the war. Here's an excerpt from an Associated Press profile on him:

After getting himself embedded as a freelance journalist with troops last year, he used his Internet blog to report on the car bombs, firefights and dead soldiers. But he also wrote descriptively about acts of compassion and heroism, small triumphs in the country's crawl toward democracy and the gritty inner workings of the military machine.

Yon's dispatches have been extolled by loyal readers as gutsy and honest reporting by a guy who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has been interviewed and his blog quoted by major newspapers and TV news networks, and he has drawn comparisons to Ernie Pyle, the renowned World War II correspondent who shared the trenches with fighting soldiers.

(Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.)

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