Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When a liberal Democratic president seems so willing to screw the Miranda Rule.

When a security flaw in an iPhone app sends the half-naked photos that a woman intended to send her war-zone husband to thousands of viewers around the world.

When conservatives admit that tax cuts don't pay for themselves.

When a woman is trapped in an airliner cabin when she was left
sleeping after the plane landed.

When a woman Supreme Court nominee is criticized for not crossing her legs like a proper lady.

When the guy in charge of the War on Drugs admits that it has been a 40-year, trillion dollar failure.

When hip hop is intentionally excluded from a survey of American music history in Texas textbooks although rock 'n' roll and Tin Pan Alley are included.

When a job ad states that unemployed people shouldn't apply.

When men don't think there's anything wrong with physically
abusing women.

When a second grader orders a digital yearbook online and gets a porn DVD

When fame and not infidelity kills the 40-year marriage of a political couple.

When a man sets his house on fire after his wife fails to have dinner ready.

When a convicted felon is accused of running an animal sex

When balloting for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game begins in the second week of the season.

When people horde incandescent light bulbs because they're afraid they'll be outlawed.

When a teacher is accused of sprinkling holy water on an
atheist colleague.

When a funeral home displays a shooting victim on his motorcycle for a wake.

When Republicans use a porn vote to kill a jobs bill.

When the co-host of the Today show dispenses advice to the wrong college graduating class.

When an Arab-American is chosen Miss USA.

When a bus driver takes a group of students to Six Flags instead of school.

When chicken suits are banned from Nevada polling places.

When a father admits that his two-year-old son is addicted to cigarettes and throws tantrums when he can't light up.

When customers step over a body to get take-out orders at a fast-food restaurant.

When Republicans push a repeal of health-care reform that would uninsure 29 million people.

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