Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Maybe There Is A God. Or Not.

It seems only appropriate to follow up on the latest installment of "You Know That Society Is Doomed . . . " with a quick and snooty look at how some of our favorite wingnuts -- Republicans all -- did in yesterday's primary elections:

* In oh-so-liberal California, Tea Party backed state Representative Chuck DeVore got stomped by former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina in a four-way race to choose who takes on Senator Barbara Boxer. DeVore, among other things, had distorted his war record, claimed he was the target of a Hezbollah attack and thought Jack Bauer was a real person.

* Also in California, birther bitch Orly Taitz, who was shunned by the state GOP and DeVore and other Tea Partiers because of her ferociously extreme views, got creamed in her bid for the party's secretary of state nomination.

* In Iowa, Bob Vander Platts finished a distant second to former Governor Terry Branstad in a three-way race to take on incumbent Governor Chet Culver. Tea Party darling Vander Plaats had vowed to issue an executive order placing a moratorium on same-sex marriages on his first day in office.

* In Nevada, Sue Lowden was defeated by Tea Party candidate Sharron Anglefor a shot at Senator Harry Reid in November. Lowden famously proposed that patients barter with their doctors for health care services and then continued to say inane things even as the chicken jokes proliferated. (Reid was widely considered to be roadkill, but Angle is a gift to his campaign because she is so over-the-top nutty.)

* In South Carolina, Representative Bob Inglis faced a stiff challenge from right winger Trey Gowdy because of
his moderate heresies, including calling for action on climate change and dissing Glenn Beck. Gowdy outpolled Inglist, but not by a large enough margin avoid a runoff.

Also in South Carolina, Lieutenant Governor André Bauer, who made headlines by comparing government support of the poor to feeding stray animals, finished a distant last in a four-way race to succeed term-limited and scandal-plagued Governor Mark Sanford. The top vote-getter was state Representative Nikki Haley, who shrugged off sex scandal allegations of her own and now faces a runoff election that she is expected to win.

Meanwhile, there is major high-fiving going on in GOP circles about the victories of Republican wimmins in California. Yes, Fiorina and Meg Whitman did well, but they are well outside the party's mainstream.

Meanwhile meanwhile, anti-incumbent sentiment yet again seems to be less than it was cracked up to be. Right, Blanche?

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