Saturday, June 05, 2010

10 Reasons Why Sarahcudda Won't Run

As someone who covered eight (count 'em) presidential elections, I find it ludicrous that some otherwise intelligent commentators believe that Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012.

Here are a quick 10 reasons why she will not:

(1.) She long ago figured out that her future lies in making gobs of money.

She is a brand and not a politician.

(3.) While she has a core constituency that adore her on a deeply personal level, her disapproval numbers continue to march to the south while her approval numbers long ago stagnated.

(4.) A majority of women loath her.

(5.) She has shown since her 2008 swan dive with John McCain that she is incapable of learning about, let alone speaking intelligently on, the policy issues that resonate with most voters.

(6.) The free ride that the press has given her has pretty much come to an end, and she's getting called out when she says stuff like environmentalists being to blame for the Gulf oil spill disaster.

(7.) Her record of endorsing Republican primary candidates is pathetic.

(8.) She would be unable to survive the renewed scrutiny of her personal and professional life that a presidential run would trigger.

(9.) As her bout with Joe Biden showed, she would get eaten alive in debates.

(10.) She's nuts, but not that nuts.

Cartoon by Ted Rall/Universal Press Syndicate

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