Wednesday, June 02, 2010

And So Another Little Piece Of Me Dies

I cannot bring myself to yet again strut my Jewish cred and vow that I would support Israel to the death. This is because every time Israel further squanders the moral high ground -- as it has done yet again in an out-of-all-proportion commando raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla -- a little piece of me dies.

So I'll let the Flying Rodent carry my water in answering the question as to how a leader can succeed in the goal of destroying Israel:

"In short, you'd want to make Israel look like a paranoid, bloodthirsty and extremely belligerent nation of racist freaks, determined to murder fuck out of civilians with total impunity year-in, year-out, so that the entire planet disowns them by, for example, withdrawing their ambassadors and issuing a barrage of denunciations."

Job well done, Bibi.
Cartoon by Jeff Danziger/New York Times News Syndicate

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