Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Perfectly Awful Week For Obama

I have to ask once again: Can things get any worse for the Kenyan socialist prezdent with the funny name and dubious birth certificate?

First he signs into law the biggest fix to the social safety net in 45 years. Then the scoundrels who have been ripping off the student loan system for years are banished from the temple, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is told where he can stick his settlements, a strategic arms reduction treaty with Russia is finalized, the obdurate GOP is given the middle finger as long overdue recess appointments are made, stocks and growth indicators continue to rise, President Karzai is given an earful and American troops a well-deserved pat on the back in a brief visit to Afghanistan.

Then the dude has the temerity to announce that his administration is
going to treat walking and biking as equally important transportation options as driving in a car, that gays and lesbians will be able to visit loved ones in hospitals and exert power of attorney, and Goldman Sachs and the top guns at Blackwater will be made accountable for its criminality. Oh, and he chaired an international summit on securing nuclear material that might be converted to use as weapons.

Meanwhile, the Tea Partiers, his most vocal opponents this side of Mitch McConnell, are further revealed to be overwhelmingly white, male and affluent. They want government off their backs but love their Social Security and Medicare. Can you say whiny and privileged?

The disappointments just keep coming for poor Obama, don't they?
Agence France Press photograph

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