Saturday, November 07, 2009

Miss Goody Two Shoes' Sex Tape

I will say one thing about Carrie Prejean: Rank hypocrisy does sometimes come in pretty packages, even if they are of the cosmetic surgery variety.

You may recall that Prejean lost her Miss California crown last year because it
was learned that she had posed naked (from the waist up, anyway) on the Internet in her pre-boob job incarnation. Prejean, who had parlayed her tiara to become a tiresome scold against same-sex marriage, sued the California pageant organization for a gadzillion bucks claiming that she was tossed because of her views.
Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Settlement City. It turns out that Miss Goody Two Shoes was the star of a Triple X-rated home video in which she graphically reveals that she has talents that don't involve standing in high heels. Pageant officials waved the video in Prejean's face and poof! the lawsuit went away in a flash.

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