Saturday, February 27, 2016

Politix Update: The Breathtaking Cynicism Of Chris Christie's Trump Endorsement

I will admit to having been shocked when the news broke that Chris Christie had endorsed Donald Trump, but that lasted a mere nanosecond as my brain, pickled by innumerable assaults against reason and logic in this grotesquery of an election season, quickly if only somewhat belatedly shifted into gear with the exclamation "Oh, he wants to be Trump's attorney general."   
While that may not be the whole story, it a big part of it.  Another big part of it is that he is breathtakingly cynical, as well as vengeful.  Still another big part of it is that barely 12 hours into Trump's worst news cycle following a debate where Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tag teamed him, he helped Trump recaptured all the attention with the endorsement. 
The pundits, of course, are all atwitter, writing about what Christie brings to the Trump candidacy, this for a man who finished in sixth place in New Hampshire only a few votes ahead of the Nashua dogcatcher.  As Colonel Potter would say, horse hockey.  This is a man who is shamelessly ambitious and wants to get on the alpha dog's good side, period.   
Only a few days ago, the bombastic Christie said of Trump, "We are not electing an entertainer in chief.  Showmanship is fun, but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change America."   
And Christie was doing drop-dead funny Trump imitations: "Beautiful, marvelous wall," went one in a perfect parody of Trump's voice.  "An incredible wall.  The wall is gonna be unbelievable.  The wall is gonna have a door, the door is gonna open and close and good people come in, the bad people go out.  It's gonna be an amazing wall.  It's gonna be a beautiful wall and the Mexicans are gonna pay for the wall."  
On Friday, the wisecracking had morphed into, "He's a good friend.  He's a strong and resolute leader and he is someone who is going to lead the Republican Party to victory in November."   
What is unsettling about the Christie endorsement is that it is another indication that a Trump nomination is becoming acceptable to more and more mainstream Republicans despite his overarching ignorance and bigotry.  
Occasionally in politics, ego-driven windbags who have created auras of inevitability around themselves fall to earth.  Our prayers having been answered with Christie's epic crash and burn, many of us will be praying that now happens to Trump when we kneel at our bedsides tonight.
What happens to these buffoons is that their balloons burst.  The wheels come off their wagons.  The wind goes out of their sails.  But they are the last people in the room to get the joke, so evidently fraudulent that they think they're wearing a custom-tailored twill suit with a snappy designer necktie when they step to the podium at a rally but people in the audience see an overbearing jerk wearing boxer shorts and a sweat-stained t-shirt several sizes too small with an all-day sucker and not a microphone in their hand.  Or they have a smirk on their face and an incredibly weird hairdo.   
So it is with Chris Christie and his new best buddy, Donald Trump.

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Broadside Balladeer said...

What a bunch of psychotic criminal bastards we are producing for USA Presidential candidates these days! Thanks for skewering these two clowns, Sean Mullen. I find the "boiling frogs" concept to be a pretty accurate description of the American political system since at least the Coup of 1963 that included the murder of President John F. Kennedy followed by a criminal cover-up participated in by the corporate media. The CIA released an advisory to its media contacts to paint anyone questioning the Warren Commission cover-up to be a "conspiracy theorist", and it worked very well! It took me about three years to realize that 9/11 was a "false flag". It took me more research to understand the event to be a major psychological war operation on the American people. They learned a lot from their MK Ultra Mind Control experiments, and they applied them too. The reason that perpetrators like Cheney could state that everything was different after 9/11 was because it was "trauma-based conditioning". How did you ever stay employed as a professional journalist as they turned that once vital part of our democracy into part of their "constructed reality"? You can probably write more accurate analyses as a retired and independent journalist than you ever could by writing for the for-profit rags of capitalist greed and empire. The country you save may be your own. The whole world is waiting for America to overthrow its war mongering oppressors.