Thursday, February 09, 2012

Stuck On Stupid, The Republicans Still Want To Take Away Grandpa's Walker

Having run out of zingers like "what are they smoking?" and "it must be something in the water," I am left speechless if not wordless that the Republicans once again seem ready to embrace Representative Paul Ryan's Reverse Robin Hood plan.

Should you not recall, this was a deficit reduction plan that would given even more tax breaks to the rich while phasing out Medicare and replacing it with a subsidized private insurance system for newly eligible seniors, as well as rip a few more holes elsewhere in the safety net. The cherry atop this confection would be to remove all regulations on Wall Street.

The backlash was fugly, tipping the scales to an unknown Democrat in a special election in an historically Republican district in upstart New York as well as causing agita in a host of congressfolk who had to explain at town meetings why they wanted to take away Grandpa's walker.

"We’re not backing off any of our ideas, any of our solutions," Republican budget chairman told Fox News.

Ryan's plan died a quick death in its crib, which makes it all the more perplexing whe the House GOP would want to resuscitate it after a year of serial brinkmanship and dirty ball playing that is a major reason why the party is well on its way to squandering a chance to take back the White House and Senate.

There are two possible explanations:

* The party's overweaning hubris, which frequently blinds it to electoral realities.

* The party's ultra-conservative base, which demands reducing the taxes of the 1 percenters while rolling back popular federal social programs.

While the revised Ryan plan takes a baby step or two from the right to the left, Medicare benefit guarantees would be handed over to a fickle private market and that will not impress voters who think that Grandpa should keep his walker.

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