Friday, July 30, 2010

You Can't Mosque This Kind Of Idiocy

There is no better example, for the moment anyway, of the Muslims Are Godless Heathens Who Want To Eat Our Children mentality than the mini-tempest over the so-called Ground Zero Mosque in Lower Manhattan.

Never mind that there already are over 100 mosques in New York, this place has been around for over 20 years without ruffling local sensibilities, that it is less a mosque than an education center, that its leader is a widely respected and way moderate dude and . . . oh, the joint isn't at Ground Zero but several blocks away.

Even supposedly intelligent people like Newt Gingrich (as opposed to xenophobic idiots like Sarah Palin) are peeing their pants over plans to move the mosque . . . er, Cordoba House education center from its present location a few blocks to 45 Park Place.

Their opposition is deeply ironic because Ground Zero already is an open-air mosque. That's right, Muslim prayers are said by the families of the dozens of Muslim victims who died on 9/11.

Oh, and did you know that there has long been a Japanese Shinto shrine near Pearl Harbor?

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