Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Post Is Not About LeBron James

Perhaps it's just her sadomasochistic . . . er, egocentric streak showing, but Sarah Palin continues to show every sign of running for president in 2012. Indeed, as Daniel Larison notes, she would be a great fit for the Republican Party, which has learned nothing during the last four years and really hasn't changed anything.

Like Larison, I cannot bring myself to believe that the GOP has gotten so nuttily self-destructive to nominate someone who arguably is the most unpopular politician in America and without argument has the most baggage.

But as Josh Green points out, there are those who argue -- only somewhat persuasively, in my view -- that the former half-term Alaska governor's unpopularity may not matter much if she can win the Republican nomination and then campaign against an unpopular incumbent with the high-unemployment albatross around his neck. To which I might add continued failure to pass a financial-reform bill.

Scary thought, eh?

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