Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When the Republicans see screwing things up as much as possible as their best shot at regaining power.

When legislation is necessary to outlaw backyard clothesline bans.

When a farmer spells out a birthday greeting for his wife with 120,000 pounds of manure.

When the president refuses to fear monger.

When the CEO of one of the largest health insurance companies gets a $73,200,000 retirement bonus while his company denies a liver transplant to a 17-year-old who subsequently dies.

When a woman punches out a drive-through window when she is told there are no chicken nuggets available.

When a man destroys his girlfriend's 72-inch television with his butt.

When Fox News becomes the voice of Christianity as well as the Republican Party.

When a bar hopper calls 9-1-1 in the hopes of getting a ride to his next drinking spot.

When a driver crashes into a restaurant and then orders breakfast.

When the IRS audits a single mother with two children who makes $10 an hour cutting hair.

When a woman pours hot grits on her sleeping boyfriend.

When certain politicians still think that it's 2002.

When a store has to take the precaution of removing all tomatoes prior to a book-signing visit by Sarah Palin.

When a woman sues a bar after a stuffed 150-pound moose head falls on her.

When Tea Baggers pray really hard that a Democratic senator dies.

When a national pizza chain admits that its pies taste like cardboard.

When a prisoner escapes when a deputy sheriff stops at a McDonald's.

When a distinguished U.S. senator believes that there are no poor white people.

When a professional baseball player has a higher blood-alcohol level than his ERA.

When a man with a 5-inch knife in his chest orders coffee at a restaurant.

When a man shows a Paris Hilton sex tape to a 13-year-old girl.

When a program to protect homeowners from foreclosure does more harm than good.

When a man refuses to pay for a taxi ride from Miami to Memphis.

When not a single financial innovation of the last 20 years has led to economic growth.

When a teacher takes students to a Hooters restaurant.

When a supermarket chain's giveaway 2010 calendar mentions the beginning of the Islamic new year on December 7 but not the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

When torture becomes the new Republican pornography.

When contemporary male novelists aren't sex obsessed enough.

When the man who was mayor of New York during the 9/11 attacks forgets that they happened.

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Anonymous said...

I've something like the moose incident. A 32in TV came loose from it's ceiling mount and fell about 8 ft to land right on the head of a guy standing there.