Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Most Dangerous Man In America

It really gives me the shits that I feel compelled to write about a yahoo like Glenn Beck, but we are living in an age where Christianist pseudo-history holds enormous sway out on the hustings -- or so it would seem from Faux News's ratings. Given these facts, there may be no more dangerous person in America these days than Beck. Yes, even more so than Sarah Palin, and that says something.

I'm not going to use up a bunch of bandwidth explaining why Beck must be taken seriously not just because of what he says but what he represents. We're having our bi-weekly blizzard hereabouts and the day will have been spent marveling at the beauty of it all. Oh, and shoveling snow.

Besides which, my old friend and blogger extraordinaire Will Bunch makes the case in his usual thorough-going manner. I urge you to read what Will has to say. Okay?

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Serious Implications said...

Beck's small potatoes. Murdoch is dangerous. There's a guy with real power.