Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It' All Seems To Be Crap With A Capital C

There is far too much whining in the blogosphere and I'd like to think that I'm an exception. But not today.

While it hasn't snowed hereabouts for over a week, we've recently seen more sun than clouds and the DF&C and I had a marvelous weekend topped off by a delicious home-cooked dinner on Sunday evening, everything seems to be Crap with a capital C.

Sitting through hours of Winter Olympics "coverage" on NBC is like a high-definition root canal. An hour blown on an homage on Team USA and its 1980 upset of the Commies at Lake Placid, gauzy profiles of athletes who overcame adversity, endless yammering by commentators in front of butt ugly artificial fires flickering in hideous fireplaces, and . . . oh, once in a while some actual event coverage, like ice dancers doing racially insulting routines.

Then there is what's going on in Washington and out on the hustings: The beyond painful slouch toward watered-down health care reform as usurious insurers jack up premiums to criminal levels, the Democrats trying to out-stupid the Republicans, a godawful jobs picture and the institutional and societal reluctance to come to terms with torture.

At least things are going well in Afghanistan if you don't consider that the Afghan Army consists of a bunch of bums in badly fitting uniforms and the number of civilian deaths from U.S. air strikes is waaay out of control.

And then I read this.

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