Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bwah! It's Snowmageddon Redux

I used to be Snow White but I drifted.
Let me make it clear from the outset that as someone who watched neither Sarah Palin's keynote address at the Tea Party confab (gasp!) nor the Super Bowl (gasp, gasp!), I certainly can be viewed as an unqualified hack.

But I do know my weather and can recall every major snowstorm of my lifetime.

This includes the Great Blizzard of 1957 when I built a snow cave in a massive drift on our country road and nearly passed out smoking a menthol Kool cribbed from my father only to come to my senses as the ground began to shake. It was a National Guard tank with a snowplow on its snout coming to get my young ass.

Then there was the Birthday Blizzard of 1993, so named because it began on a good friend's birthday and ended the next day on mine. The highlight was looking out my kitchen window on a beautiful winterscape just as a red tail hawk swooped down onto our platform feeder and made off with a chickadee dee dee.

Those memories so noted, we're shooting the meteorological moon hereabouts with a 20-inch snow in December, some 26 inches of the white stuff on Saturday, and now another 12 to 18 inches -- or even more -- expected to arrive under blizzard-like conditions overnight tonight.

First question: Where we they going to put the stuff. Other questions to follow.

Photograph by Matt Rourke/The Associated Press

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