Friday, October 16, 2009

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When Karl Rove, sock puppet for the least curious president evah, criticizes President Obama for being "incurious." (Obligatory Obama Bashing story.)
When an elderly woman mistakes her hearing aid for a Milk Dud.

When jumpy convenience store clerks mistake a drunk for a robber and throw cash at him.

When a certain radio talk show host makes racist remarks about a black NFL quarterback and then gets all pissy when the league
rejects his bid to buy a team.

When right wingers think that the right wing-dominated Republican Party is too moderate.

When a man is charged with beating his roommate with a harmonica. (Obligatory Weird Crime story.)

When people are outraged that the president takes a brief overseas trip to promote an American city's bid for the Summer Olympics.

When a flasher tells a judge that he can't do jail time because he's donating a kidney.

When the New York tabloids finish the job that an extortionist did on a late-night TV show host.

When 30 Republican senators vote to defend gang rape.

When conservatives believe that the Bible has a liberal bias.
(Obligatory Christian Whack Job story.)

When people circulate a bogus Amber Alert.

When Obama is accused of being weak kneed for not planning to meet with the Dalai Lama when he visits Washington.

When people throw swine-flu parties.

When one out of every four persons on the globe is Muslim.

When a school principal shows a surveillance-camera sex tape of students to his colleagues. (Obligatory What Was He Thinking? story.)

When the widdle babies in the left-wing blogosphere throw temper tantrums over Obama not doing their bidding.

When a man misses the birth of his child because he's busted for groping a nurse.

When a woman eats her ex-husband's goldfish after fighting with him over jewelry.

When a couple married for 49 years can't find the documents to prove it.

When a woman is accused of urinating on a police station
sidewalk. (Obligatory Peeing In The Wrong Place story.)

When Obama makes a major speech to a gay-rights group.

When Republican legislators hate gays more than they love the troops.

When a nude man breaks into a home, showers and cooks dinner.

When a couple goes ballistic when they order a large McDonald's fries and get a small. (Obligatory McRage story.)

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