Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lighting Strikes Twice In Delaware

The manufacturing base in little Delaware is highly diverse, so while the closing of its two auto assembly plants did result in job losses, it wasn't catastrophic. Then, in the space of four days, it was announced that:

The University of Delaware signed a $24.25 purchase agreement for the 272-acre site formerly occupied by the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Newark. The plant, which closed in December 2008, had manufactured the dinosaur Durango and Aspen SUVs.

The university has renowned programs in agriculture and engineering, anchors of the 19th century economy, and marine and space studies, anchors of the 20th century economy. The Chrysler site will focus on biomedicine, biotech and alternate energy technologies, anchors of the 21st century economy.

* Vice President Biden announced yesterday that the shuttered General Motors Boxwood Road Assembly Plant in nearby Wilmington will be reopened by Fisker, a two-year-old California luxury-car company, to build plug-in electric-hybrid vehicles.

The factory, which had been building the discontinued Pontiac and Saturn brands, closed over the summer as part of GM's bankruptcy reorganization plan. The reopening is being made possibly because of a $528.7 million federal loan secured by Fisker as part of a $25 billion federal program to promote green cars.

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