Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Balloon Boy Saga: A Lotta Hot Air

I can add very little to the Balloon Boy Saga except to note a couple three things:

Richard and Mayumi Heene are anything but typical and it probably was inevitable that really weird stuff would happen to a family in which the parents had made two appearances on the Wife Swappers teevee show and their six-year-old son's name is Falcon.

From the beginning I knew that the disappearance of Balloon Boy was too shocking to be true and had a far more pedestrian explanation than him being dropped in a box from an experimental balloon.

And the question isn't whether it is possible that Balloon Boy's father cooked up the incident "for a
show," as the fidgety Balloon Boy blurted out to reporters, but when and whether he will fess up.

Oh, one other thing: The dad should have to reimburse all of the rescue workers and be sent to Texas to do penance under the watchful eye of Governor Rick Perry.

Meanwhile, back to the real world.

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