Sunday, December 04, 2005

Slang Primer No. 1

One of the reason's I started this blog was to be able to scratch my various itches in public. That includes an abiding interest in slang. So herewith the first in what will be an ongoing series of entries, this one drawn from Robert L. Chapman's marvelous Dictionary of American Slang (Third Edition). Can you dig it, man?

(1) noun: 1980s: A young woman used like the plaything of a man: " . . . when she plays boy-toy to all your crush objects" -- Seventeen magazine

(2) noun: 1980s: A young man used like the plaything of a woman: "Paul Newman's 69 now and thinks being the boy toy of yet another generation of women is 'undignified' -- New York Times; " . . . a has-been silent screen legend and her young screenwriter boy toy" -- Newark Star-Ledger

(3) modifier: " . . . the times Madonna has whipped her boy-toy dancers on stage" -- Los Angeles Times

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