Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quote du Jour

Michael Oates Palmer in The Huffington Post:
Well, we now have a Hillary Clinton record. Four years in the Senate. But I’m not asking you to tell me if that record's conservative or liberal. All I’m asking is for you to show me an instance when she has taken a policy stand that was courageous, not cautious. When she was willing to voice a position on any issue where her stance was brave, and not just following Penn and Schoen’s pulse-taking on the current vox populi. She sure hasn’t been doing it on gay marriage: I saw her on television recently explaining why she was against it – and the senator represents a state where gay-friendly Republican politicians may as well be the state bird. (And if she's suddenly going to come out for Iraq withdrawal now -- it's only a matter of time before that stance will be the equivalent of her wearing a mesh trucker hat in the East Village on Bridge and Tunnel night.)

If a Hillary supporter can point me to one decision or vote she's made in the last four years where she took a stand that went against her best political interests – I’ll buy the first beer.

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