Friday, December 23, 2005

Laddys and Gentlemen

From the delightful Guardian Newsblog:
As the first gay “marriages” in England and Wales took place yesterday, there was much debate about how to refer to the partners in a civil partnership, writes David Batty.

The case of Sir Elton John, who “married” David Furnish yesterday, has - unsurprisingly - attracted the most comment.

The Evening Standard, predictably, opted for “Rocket Man . . . and wife” in its story on the happy couple, while other tabloids referred to them as bride and groom (though failing to agree which was which).

Charles Mosely, the editor in chief of Debrett’s, the guide to the aristocracy, wondered whether Mr Furnish might gain a title or whether same-sex partners would miss out on this “honour”, as the husbands of women made baronesses already do.

He told the BBC’s Today programme that one solution might be to make him a “laddy” rather than lady.

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