Friday, December 23, 2005

A Real Loser

This just in: The redoubtably slimy Ahmed Chalabi got crushed in the recent Iraqi election.

Chalabi, a one-time neocon darling, was the most vocal and well funded exiled Iraqi politician in the run-up to the invasion and shamelessly called himself “the liberator” of Baghdad. But his reputation is in the toilet because of a series of damaging revelations about his behind-the-scenes conduct and the annoying habit of his U.S.-funded Iraqi National Congress to work at cross purposes with the Bush administration.

How badly did Chalabi get beaten?

Of almost 2.5 million voters in Baghdad, only 8,645 voted for him, while he did equally poorly elsewhere in Iraq.

For his part, Chalabi says he was robbed because the election results were cooked. This again puts him at odds with the White House, which hailed the vote as an historic step for democracy in Iraq.

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