Thursday, September 09, 2010

Has Washington Hit Bottom Yet? Nope.

If you don't hold us accountable, we'll do some real bad things in Washington, D.C.
~ Senator JOHN ENSIGN (R-Nevada)
This is my last blog post of consequence (although that is debatable) until next week. I'm doing some book signings, scratching my jazz itch and in general trying to chill following the hectic run-up to the publication of the expanded second edition of my book.

And what better topic to sign off with than the apparent impending Democratic disaster in the mid-term elections.

While I continue to believe at this relatively late date that the Republicans will fail to recapture House or Senate, although likely to come closer in the lower chamber, at this point I don't give a crap. While the 111th Congress has passed some salutatory legislation, notably health-care reform, it has dithered away what little credibility it had at a crucial juncture in American history. President Obama, too.

I care little at this point that Obama was dealt a bad hand. Or that the Republicans have been archly obstructionist. Or that the Democratic base, so fired up a mere two years ago, is disillusioned. Or that the Republican message (sic) dominates the airwaves and much of what passes for political discourse.

I care more that people are royally pissed off and that Congress -- and the prez, despite efforts to channel his inner Truman -- have done squat to try to allay their fears and try to ease their pain.

Tough times call for tough leadership. And we ain't gots it on Capitol Hill or in the White House.

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