Monday, September 27, 2010

Carolyn Yeager Is A Very Sick Chick

Didja know that Auschwitz was not a notorious Nazi extermination camp in Poland where more than one million people were gassed to death but rather a "reform, re-education and rehabilitation" facility where the inmates were taught trades when not occupying "luxurious [and] attractive red-brick sleeping quarters" complete with mattresses, flush toilets, porcelain-covered stoves for cozy heating, and double-paned casement windows"?

And that the paths were "tree-lined," there were flowers planted before every barracks, and the Nazis regularly showed movies to the inmates?

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frank said...

Carolyn, your Monday night program on "VOR" is great. Because of your show I have done a lot of reading on the second world war, and the post war period of 1945 to 1950.

I was shocked to learn that as many as 20,000 Germans were executed for their part in WWII. This is troubling because many (I mean most) were charged for crimes based on false testimony. Sadly I was upset to see that many women that found themselves drafted, and put into military support positions were framed, and executed.

There is a British film called Pierrpoint The Last Hangman. It reflected the executions of the non officer German support staff.

The actions of the Allied forces regarding their murdering of German P.O.W. through "set up " war crimes trial is very troubling.
I hate to say it but the U.S. deserves the situation it finds it's self in today with Israeli citizens holding major U.S. government jobs and working against the non Jewish white majority of the U.S.

As far as the hog wash about the "GREAT GENERATION" (American citizens born between 1910, and 1926) people need to take a look at what that GENERATION HANGED It's hat on. Destroying Europe, allowing Jewish Socialist to gain control of American society, and siding with Communist JEWISH RUSSIA and selling out eastern Europe aint much to be proud off.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mullen - your bio says you're born to blog. Apparently not to research. I've listened to Ms. Yeager's podcast and find that she and her guests are on target with facts presented. Their questions and comments are quite valid. I suggest you digest a few authentic, factual history books about the period and use commonsense and you'll see the light that some would rather you not.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen Pierrepont(sp) about the hangman. It was a very moving film. I never thought I would feel sorry for a hangman, but I felt for the guy. I have always taken a contrary stand I guess, thats why I find Ms Yeager very interesting. At first when I heard of Revisionists I said to myslef.."Youve been to Dachau, how could people with normal intel believe this?" I talked to my father who was in OMG and MI in Munich.He told me things I never thought I would hear. He was in the 90th Inf div. He felt like we had badly mistreated the Germans. That the Jews in the camps were for the most part communists. Later he was in Eniwietok and later he died from radiation he received there. I started reading..irving, Toland, Fest, Sajer,I was shocked to see that the term Holocaust didnt exist until much later. It seemed like a cheap money grab. I went to look up these peoples references, their motives,(follow the money) As a result..I doubt. Idoubt everything. Mostly I doubt the news,authority figures, people I had once trusted. Is everything a lie? said...
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James Bigglesworth said...

I watched a film about the work camp at Auschwitz, by a young Jew. It changed my mind about everything to do with the treatment of Jews by Hitler. The Jew, David Cole has been in hiding ever since in fear of his life. After that I had a good laugh at the Spielberg load of garbage called The Last Days. For the benefit of the guy whom believes that I million were gassed at Auschwitz, even the Jews have given up on gas chambers, they have never found one.

Anonymous said...

While this is not a first-hand document itself it does cite many first-hand documents. All of which are verifiable by an unbiased researcher. Cheers

Anonymous said...

The fact that Mr Mullen worked in the news media and was at one time the editor of a newspaper tells me everything I need to know about this particular speciman. Those who paid his wages, or blood money, are they very people who pervert the truth and history. He would have to belong to this group of crooks to prosper in his chosen profession. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn's show is fantastic! The holohoax is the greatest fabrication of all time.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

Anonymous said...

I watched a film about the work camp at Auschwitz, by a young Jew. It changed my mind about everything to do with the treatment of Jews by Hitler. The Jew, David Cole has been in hiding ever since in fear of his life.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. The joke is on Bigglesworth. David Cole is a CONARTIST with some very shady associations. Everything Cole ever did was for publicity. When he was hiding "fear for his life" he was actually operating under a false ID in the Californian Republican party... for reasons.

Read more here...then laugh:

zigzzagz said...

Wow mr. Mullen, it seems no one agrees with you on the point of Carolyn Yeager. I have to agree with them. She does her research and speaks the truth where others fear to. If that makes her sick them we need more sickos.

Anonymous said...

You people are ridiculous. The Holocaust was very real and extremely evil. Carolyn Yeager is a vile witch with some German blood which has poisoned the rest of her and pushed her to spew hatred from her forked-tongue filled mouth. No one with more than a single brain cell believes a word that vomits from her face hole. Those of you that do follow her fecal ramblings are the laughing stock of the educated world... But you already knew that. I just wanted to remind you fools, one more time. Haha. You white trash pseudo-nazis get dumber and dumber. Where's your reich? Haha. A thousand years, huh? Try 12, losers.

Anonymous said...

People seem to forget,the masses that fought against Germany in ww2 were brainwashed by the msm and corupt politicians,the UK and America being two examples,god bless you Carolyn Yeager and god bless ursula haverbeck.

Unknown said...



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Unknown said...



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The study’s 500 participants were asked when man was created. Thirty-three percent of secular Jews did not know the right answer – on the sixth day of Creation – compared to only 9% of religious and haredi Jews.

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“The Book of Books” exhibition will be on display at the museum through May before moving on to the Vatican, Weiss said. It presents partial and complete holy books from the Second Temple period until today, including fragments from the Septuagint, earliest New Testament Scriptures, illuminated manuscripts, rare fragments from the Cairo Geniza and original pages from the Gutenberg Bible.

Unknown said...

Another neo-Nazi moron opens their toothless mouth and shit spews forth. Too bad you and Ms. Yacker weren't aborted at conception. You jackasses are all the same, losers trying to blame others for your inability too......well do anything useful and productive. Do the world a favor and kill yourself!

Richard Wagner said...

Bobby English. How do you find the time to write such nonsense?

Unknown said...


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