Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be Sad, America, Be Very Sad

Dahlia Lithwick, the supremest Supreme Court reporter going, on the sad spectacle of oral arguments on Arizona's campaign finance law:
"There are probably only about 10 guys in America who are cheerfully unconcerned about the influence of multimillionaires on elections. One of them isCharles Koch. David Koch is another, as is Karl Rove, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and the guy with the top hat on the board of on the board of the Monopoly game are two more. Luckily for them, the other five guys currently sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. And judging from this morning's argument in McComish v. Bennett, there is no principle those five justices will fight harder to preserve than the right of the impossibly wealthy to purchase as much speech as they want and need to win a political campaign."
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Wander Woman said...

I have been telling everyone to watch out for the affect this will have on our elections. I am deeply saddened by the decision. Am seriously planning to become and ex-pat with an eye on giving up my US citizenship as soon as I find a place that will take me.


Shaun Mullen said...

If you have a marketable skill, then I have only one word for you: Australia.

My companion is Australian and holds dual citizenship. If things get much crappier, that's where she and I will be heading.

Wander Woman said...

Hold a 100 ton Master Captain's license. Going to the islands to sail around.