Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Gallons

With great ceremony, clownmaster Dennis Hastert and fellow Republicans arrived at a Washington, D.C., gas station for a press briefing this week on how Congress is going to deal [sic] with high gas prices in a hydrogen-fueled hybrid. Afterwards, they drove a few blocks and then bundled into Hastert's big SUV for the ride back to the Capitol.

It should be noted that hypocrisy is a bipartisan dish at the Congressional cafeteria. Most legislators drive gas guzzlers, the 14 mpg Chevy Suburban being the favorite, and apparently only Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana drives a hybrid, a 60 mpg Toyota Prius.

Hastert, it seems, has become as big as a Prius. Must be all that pork.

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