Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day Three: A Week Without Dubya

As promised, there will be no posts on King George this week, although Kiko's House is not going to go entirely current events-free. Today's big hit is your picks for Worst Songs of All Time. Enjoy!


Cassidy said...

Shaun: "Hello, everyone."

Group: "Hello, Shaun."

Shaun: "This is my third day without talking about George W. Bush. But today I walked by a television and Fox News was doing something about how good Bush is. And I lost it. Man, I almost lost it. I'm hurting for a Dubya fix right now so much, I can barely take it. But, God willing, I will get through this. And you all have been there, every step of the way."

Group: [clapping]

Anonymous said...

Worst songs ever? Easy. Any rap song ever recorded and McArthur Park.

Shaun Mullen said...

Ac-ac-ac-actually, the on-on-on-only way that I can get Du-Du-Du-Dubya out of my mind is to sing the ly-ly-ly-lyrics to MacArthur Park to my-my-my-self. HELP!!!