Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gratuitous Kitty Shot of the Week

Lily (left) and Tiger lap up their morning cheese
Lily and Tiger are the progeny of Country Bumpkin, a contributor to Kiko's House, and his wife.

I'll let Mr. Bumpkin take the story of this beautiful pair of tabbys from here:
Tiger and Lily are refugees we found 8 or 9 years ago in a little cage at the Cats' Protection League in Wellington [New Zealand] . They had an abusive childhood, we were told, and it took them years to settle fully into our family life.

Tiger's lame and can't run or jump very well -- he has an injured back leg. To this day, Lily won't sit on my lap, but she and he are sweet-natured darlings. Stretched to full length, Tiger is more than a metre from tip to tip, so he's a big boy.

They both love to eat cheese.

We'd had three cats before these two -- Purrgeot, Merde and Spike Milligan. Spike lived to be 21 and was the last to shuffle off. After a few months in an empty apartment, we couldn't stand it any longer, so off to the Cat's Protection League we went.

And glad of it we remain.
* * * * *
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