Monday, March 20, 2006

A Call for Guest Blogs on Immigration

Beyond resolving the Mess in Mesopotamia and getting the hell out of there, there may be no issue more important to the future of America than fixing its broken immigration system.

How to go about doing that is enormously vexsome, and the debate to date has brought out the best and worse in Americans as uniters and dividers. One welcome aspect of the debate is that it has, for a change, has not fallen along partisan political lines.

Kiko's House, drawing on the recent and most successful request for posts on how the war in Iraq has changed the U.S., would like your thoughts on
What's wrong with the U.S. immigration system and how it can be changed without impinging on America's long history of welcoming and assimilating people?
Yes, I've framed the debate and your contribution should fit into this framework. That contribution should be limited to 200-300 well-chosen words. Longer contributions will be subject to editing. Gut responses are okay, but contributions that reflect some knowledge and understanding of the problem, especially from personal experience or the experiences of loved ones or friends, are especially welcome. Contributions from whackos and racists will be round filed.

Overseas visitors to Kiko's House (and they have come from some 51 countries at last count) are welcome to join in.

The deadline for submissions is the close of business on Sunday, March 26. (That would be my bed time.) Please send your contributions with a few well chosen words about who you are to

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