Monday, October 29, 2018

Will A Boycott Of Fox News Advertisers Work? Well, It's TimeTo Find Out

I usually do not support advertiser boycotts.  Nor do I ever watch Fox News.  But it has become apparent that Rupert Murdoch's plaything has become a toxic force in America while propagating the fiction that it is a balanced purveyor of news and opinion.  Fox will not change its ways until when and if it is pinched financially. 
To that end, following is a list of Fox advertisers and their Twitter handles:
Keurig Green Mountain @Keurig 
Ford @Ford  
Lincoln @LincolnMotorCo 
Pfizer @pfizer 
Liberty Mutual @libertymutual 
Bayer AG & Monsanto @Bayer @BayerUS 
Honda @Honda 
Acura @Acura 
Ace Hardware @acehardware 
Procter & Gamble --@ProcterGamble @Bounty @MyCascade @Charmin @Crest @DawnDish @Febreze_Fresh @downy @Gillette @GilletteVenus @OlaySkin @OralB @Pantene @Swiffer @Tide @Luvs @Pampers 
Allstate @Allstate 
Esurance @Esurance 
Capital One @capitalone 
Go RVing @GoRVing 
Glaxo Smith Kline @GSK 
Subaru @subaru_usa 
Fiat Chrysler @FiatChrysler_NA@alfa_romeo @AlfaRomeoUSA @Dodge @Jeep 
Expedia @Expedia 
Trivago @trivago 
Lear Capital @LearCapital 
Boehringer Ingelheim (Dulcolax, Jardiance, Zantac) @boehringerus @Boehringer 
Tena @tena_us 
Rakuten (Ebates) @RakutenToday @Ebates
Progressive @Progressive
If you use any of these products or services, tweet them with a friendly message about the power of your purse. 

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