Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ah, The Motrin Is Kicking In . . .

Anais here. I know I should be blogging about something feminist, but I have to tell you about my crazy, mixed up morning. I woke up with a hangover. I think it was worth it, but can't remember why. I tripped over my cutsie wootsie puppy wuppy getting out of bed and was going to take a snap of him all curled out on my free range alpaca rug, but then I remembered that he ate my digital camera the other day and isn't feeling so hot. The little guy is still pooping pixels! Good one, eh? Ah, the Motrin is kicking in and now I remember what I wanted to tell you. I thought I was getting a hot flash while I was brushing my teeth, but it was just the building across the street blowing up. When I went for a run I had to use the back entrance because of all the fire trucks and bodies and stuff in the street. My right knee (no, it's my left) was a little achy on the way to the park, but my new running shoes feel sweet. Which they should for two hundred bucks. I did five laps around the lake and by the time I got back my left knee (no, it's my right) felt okay, although I did apply a green tea and fennel seed poultice just to keep that darned swelling down while I baked my favorite chocolate cake. I'm so totally over carob.

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