Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Repugnance Of The Traitorous Cheneys & Patriotism Of John Adams

I suppose that I'm being less than an advertisement for myself in not being able to add much to the current Liz and Dick Cheney bloviations to the effect that terrorism suspects have no right to attorneys, let alone attorneys who became Department of Justice appointees, although the Founding Father believe and the their nation's courts have repeatedly ruled that they do.

So about all I can add is that Ms. Cheney and her war-criminal father display a profound contempt for the American criminal-justice system, let alone the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. Oh, and the fawning relationship between the mainstream media a woman who is unqualified to talk about much beyond her stickybeak is sickening.

Ms. Cheney's personal howitzer is a group called Keep America Safe, which has relentlessly attacked President Obama for being a War on Terror weakling in the face of an extraordinary series of successful apprehensions and drone attacks involving key Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, most recently yet another senior Taliban commander.

The problem, apparently, is that Obama refuses to use the bellicose rhetoric employed by her father and other mouthpieces affiliated with a president administration that was notably unsuccessful in taking out anyone of consequence while raising torture to an art form and prosecuting an immoral war in Iraq, and has had
to resort to an extraordinarily vile TV ad campaign in which those DOJ appointees are called "The Al Qaeda Nine."

Whether the War on Terror will ever be "won" is an open question. But there is no question that repeatedly doing what is equivalent to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is traitorous.

Oh, and that sound you hear is John Adams spinning in his grave.
Yes, the John Adams who defended British soldiers who were Boston Massacre murder suspects because no other lawyer in Boston would do so.

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