Monday, March 15, 2010

There Is A God After All

James Dobson, full to overflowing with the ego-tripping insouciance of a man of the cloth who is doing God's bidding, has been used to getting his way. And being downright un-Christian when it comes to gays.

The 73-year-old evangelical minister, radio host and author is founder of the hydra-headed Focus on the Family organization. With Jerry Falwell dead and Pat Robertson acting more the fool with every passing year, Dobson is the only evangelical of the three who came on the scene during the Reagan administration with the avowed purpose of imposing their dogma on the Republican Party who remains truly influential.

This "emperor of morality," as New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich once called Dobson, probably has done more than anyone to tear down the wall between church and political party, which is to say church and state in an era when the White House and Republican Party have embraced Dobson and his fellow faith-based right wingers with a fake piety.

But now Dobson appears to be in trouble precisely because of his take-no-prisoners dogma.

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Mired_in_Grimpen said...

James Dobson is not a minister, he has a doctorate in child psychology. He has no special insights or training on the Bible or the teachings of the baby Jesus.

He is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of Church of the Nazarene ministers, although he does not speak for the denomination in any capacity. His father, James Dobson Sr., (1911–1977) never went to college, choosing instead the life of a traveling evangelist. ( Thanks Wikipedia )

All that being said, James Dobson, with all his influence on American society and GOP politics, is clearly a dangerous and intolerant loon.