Monday, December 14, 2009

Uh Oh! Yet Another Sarahcudda Post

There is nothing clear about that walking and talking welter of contradictions known as Sarah Palin.

She spouts gibberish about public policy but her only policy is herself.

She is a content-free populist.

She craves attention even when that attention is negative.

She lies effortlessly but gets really pissed off when those lies are pointed out.

She doesn't merely harbor grudges, she believes them to be gross injustices.

She is a demagogue with a persecution complex.

She quit as governor of Alaska to pursue the great American dream of getting rich.

She wants to be taken seriously but her role as a leading if not the leading Republican guarantees a continued Democratic ascendancy.

She is so insecure that she carries her special-needs son around like a stage prop.

She is wildly popular, but only among a small, predominately male and extremely right-wing slice of the electorate.

She can't make a comeback -- despite a best-selling autobio and carefully selected media appearances -- because she has nothing to come back from.

All that so noted, I finally have had my own moment of clarity. Whew!

This is courteous of a stupefying New York Times op-ed blog post by Stanley Fish, who in hearting Going Rogue, her new book, says that it doesn't matter that Palin is all those things because she's not going to go away.

Now I understand.
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