Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let The Fun Continue, Indeed

Just in time to not get trampled by the Olympics comes the saga of Jericho Scott, a just turned 10-year-old pitcher who throws so hard that he was kicked off his New Haven, Connecticut Little League team. Jericho's folks, in the finest tradition of American sportsmanship, are suing the league.

This prompted Rick Chandler to make a modest proposal:

"Lower a large tarp over all adults involved and airlift them deep into the Brazilian rainforest. I love a story where both sides are completely wrong. The league needs to grow a pair and let the kid finish the season, which by all accounts is almost over anyway. And the Scotts need to understand that suing a youth baseball league over something of this nature is just a big bowl of wrong. But hey, it's all out of our hands now; at some point this story took on a life of its own. Let the fun continue."

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