Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enough Of The O'Donnell Sexism Crap

Having quickly run out of reasons to push back against the withering criticism of Christine "I Dabbled in Witchcraft" O'Donnell, the Tea Party wingnuts and right wingers circling their wagons around her have inevitably settled on the meme that any criticism is sexist.

As double standards go, this is a whopper of the first water since this crowd -- not coincidentally pretty much a boy's club with few distaff members -- routinely criticizes a smorgasbord of liberal male office holders and political wannabes

Typical of those advancing the All Opposition To O'Donnell Is Sexist line is Mary Katharine Ham, who argues with irrefutably faulty logic at that us guys in general and Republican establishmentarian Karl Rove in particular are scared of strong, anti-establishment women. (By the by, Ham is the only woman on's 10 blogger masthead.)

While some of us may indeed feel threatened by Palin-esque candidates like O'Donnell, that is not why she has incurred a spit storm of criticism since she upset Mike Castle, another Republican establishmentarian, in the Delaware primary last week.

That opposition centers on the fact that O'Donnell
just happens to be a woman who is utterly unsuitable for public office, a tax deadbeat who used campaign cash for her condo rent and personal expenses, lies and then lies about her lies like that certain former half-term Alaska governor, has morphed from being "loose" while in college to having very strict views on what even consenting adults should not do in the privacy of their bedrooms, and is virulently anti-gay (her sister is a lesbian).

End of argument.

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