Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gonzo Is Dumber Than A Mud Puddle

When it comes to lawyering, even someone as willfully ignorant as John Yoo runs circles around the abjectly lightweight Alberto Gonzalez, who offers this startling reflection on his role as attorney general in politicizing federal prosecutions and then axing prosecutors on orders of the White House when they refused to play along:
"We should have abandoned the idea of removing the U. S. attorneys once the Democrats took the Senate. Because at that point we could really not count on Republicans to cut off investigations or help us at all with investigations. We didn't see that at the Department of Justice. Nor did the White House see that. Karl [Rove] didn't see it. If we could do something over again, that would be it."

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Michael Grant said...

You're being unkind to poor Gonzo. All he was trying to say is he wouldn't have done the crime if he knew he was going to get caught.

Perfectly sensible remark from the nation's highest law enforcement official.