Thursday, December 17, 2009

Epic Fail & The Health-Care Frankenstein

I have said from the outset that some form of health-care reform would be enacted, and I'm right. Something will end up on President Obama's desk, perhaps as early as next week. I also have said that it would have teeth in the form of a robust public option or buy-in. On that one I am conceding defeat.

That is because there are irreconcilable differences between a House bill that goes a long way -- although not far enough -- toward reform and a Senate bill that does nothing to curb runaway costs but gifts insurance companies
-- the very monsters who are substantially responsible for the American health-care system being such a freaking mess -- 30 million or so new customers whose payments they are perfectly welcome to cap. If this isn't the very rationing of care that opponents of reform fear then I don't know what is.

I have clung to the notion that some form of reform is better than nothing and that fixes can be made in the future. But no more. Starting all over again from scratch is unpalatable for vulnerable Democrats, but that's tough spit. Neither is incremental change because it's now or never -- at least for my generation.

Americans wanted real reform but instead they're getting a real Frankenstein.

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Anonymous said...

Considering who actually wrote this pile of shit I can promise it will turn out worse for us than we can imagine.