Saturday, August 01, 2009

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When the president of the United States invites a cop and the man he arrested to the White House for a brewsky.

When a man sleeping in a trash bin is emptied into a garbage truck. (Just like in the movies.)

When it turns out that even the best-trained soldiers do better when they rely on hunches.

When yet another conservative Republican politician has to resign for

When a police officer pulls his gun to try to speed up a McDonald's breakfast order.

When an authority on energy opines that oil and gasoline don't pollute.

When a man is charged with beating a beauty contest judge with a trophy.

When the White House doesn't make a big deal about the arrest of terror suspects.

When a first-year Oscar Mayer Weinermobile driver plows into a house.

When North Korea airs its first beer commercial. (As in, Beer for the People.)

When a butcher at a Piggly Wiggly kills his romantic rival at a checkout register.

When the leading Democratic opponents of health-care reform are from the poorest districts with the most uninsured.

When the police have to mace a berserk groundhog after it tries to attack them.

When a mother tries to assault a police officer with her stroller while her baby is inside it.

When General Motors keeps hedging on the mileage that its make-or-break new car will get.

When a town manager is fired after finding out his wife is a porn star.

When a man returns home after a 4,200-mile motorcycle ride across the U.S. and is struck and killed by a car.

When a leading conservative pundit says on the one hand that the government can and should run a first-class health care system for GIs and veterans but is incapable of doing that for people who don't wear uniforms.

When a man sues a restaurant after finding a condom in his soup. (It was French onion.)

When God resigns.
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