Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Know That Society Is Doomed . . .

When even smarty-pants congressfolk are incapable of distinguishing end-of-life counseling from "death panels" and drop the provision from health-care reform legislation. (Then again, maybe Terri Schiavo could set them straight.)

When a mom is charged with drunken breastfeeding.

When "Reno 911!" is cancelled by Comedy Central.

When it's obvious that the 2008 presidential election broke people's brains.

When a serial 911 caller "just needed someone to talk to." (Now he's got a cellmate to chat with.)

When a teen sets himself on fire while trying to imitate a YouTube clip.

When women's boxing becomes an Olympic sport. (Golf, too.)

When omerta has its limits.

When a man is charged with bicycle road rage.

When Americans no longer have the right to not have a black president.

When a 600-pound inmate hides a gun in his layers of fat.

When a man blames his cat for over 1,000 porn downloads. (The cat was not charged.)

When Ann Coulter keeps adding people to her Death Wish List.

When an 86-year-old shoplifter is busted for stealing anti-wrinkle cream.

When a city worker is suspended for not saying hello to the mayor.

When pot bellies become fashionable. (But just on guys.)

When a woman is charged after not letting boys leave their tent during a camp-out.

When over 20 advertisers pull out of Glenn Beck's Fox News show because he engages in hate speech.

When a bumbling bank robber shows the teller his ID and account number.

When four women are charged with gluing a man's penis to his stomach. (He was cheating on his wife.)

When a judge halts electrolysis treatments for a convicted wife killer.

When weird things keep happening outside the gates to Martha Stewart's estate. (Like death and mayhem.)

When fish fall from the sky and shatter a woman's car windshield.

When an offer of a Sony 37-inch flat-screen TV for only $100 is too good to be true. (Ahem, just the latest variation of the "rocks in a box" scam.)

When carry guns at presidential rallies is seen as merely exercising one's constitutional rights.

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